Earth Luminaria

Happy to have created my first LUMINARIA. In this work I merged my love for our planet and my love for Puglia, the region where I live. Puglia is an example of how man and nature can live in harmony when they want to. This is a critical moment in our collective history, yet we […]


A fingerpainting for Earth Day 2021

“The time has come, the Walrus said,      To talk of many things:Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —      Of cabbages — and kings —And why the sea is boiling hot —      And whether pigs have wings.” From Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter” So “Why the […]


Fish in the Ruff

I have been painting some of my favourite sea creatures. My aquatic elite have been appropriately dressed in a “ruff” for the occasion. The ruff is a fancy collar that came into fashion in 16th century Europe as a symbol of wealth and power. The wide fluffy collars could use up 10 years of cloth […]


Excited to be back Live painting for Sant’Anna in Ischia. Please come and see me at Ischia Ponte on Saturday July 21st. Also honoured to be commissioned to make the poster for this year’s event. The theme is Neapolitan Music from the 1500s till today. See you there!


Matthew Watkins & Fabric Lenny Live

This year at the Alberobello light festival I had the honour of collaborating with my good friend Fabric Lenny. We performed two tonights together, featured in this video here. Alberobello 2017 from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo. And I did two more nights solo. You can see a collection of clips from all four of the […]


Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation, or scribe videos, are an innovative and engaging way to tell a story, explain a concept or just entertain. Whiteboards tend to be more captivating than traditional videos, and can have great viral appeal. Here is a selection of clips and videos from my latest whiteboard video animations. If you would like a […]


Descent into Bunny


Droidcon 2016: confessions of a digital fingerpainter

It was a great honour to talk at Droidcon 2016 at the prestigious Lingotto in Torino. It’s a building with a race track on the roof! The event was well organised and it was a lot of fun catching up with some of the best devs and designers in the business and share my digital […]


TEDx Bari | Fingerpainting is resilience

October 3 I was invited to participate in the first TEDx Bari. The theme was RESILIENCE. It was scrutinised by 17 speakers, artists and performers. I love the TED format. Clear and straightforward. The event was well organised by Davide Giardino and his team. My intervention was a 13 minute tagtool performance on my ipad […]


Watkins&Rabe Live Light Painting Alberobello

2015 is the International Year of Light and I am delighted to be painting July 18, 19, 20  at the Alberobello Light Festival amongst the UNESCO protected Trulli with my good friend Benjamin Rabe. The Festival starts July 4th and pays homage to the painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. The painting will be beamed out over the historic […]