Painting Live with Resextensa

Live Painting with Resextensa Dance Company – Puglia I had the honour of doing a string of performances in old cities around Puglia for Elisa Barucchiere’s uber-talented Resextensa Dance Company. It was a blast painting over the fearless dancers, and acrobats as they performed flying through the air or with water and fire. Spectacular. I […]


Live painting: Tutto Sbagliato Tour – Ischia

Tutto Sbagliato Tour – Ischia Great to be back performing with singer, songwriter Emanuele Belloni and his band. Last summer I made an animated music video for the song “solo cose più buono”, recorded in a prison in Rome. It was great to be invited back to Ischia to live paint with tagtool their performance […]


LIFE: Alberobello Light Festival 2019

LIFE | Alberobello Light festival For my fourth Alberobello Light festival. Alberto and I were invited for two nights of painting a condensed history of Rock music in the piazza. From Elvis, The Beachboys, The Beatles, Rolling Stones to the Sex Pistols and the Blues Brothers. We rocked the Trulli. I was thrilled to see […]


Painting the “Town with No Name”

“Village without name” – Colobraro My first invite came from a town in the south of Italy in the province of Basilicata that since the 1600s has been considered so “unlucky” that the neighbouring villages won’t even pronounce its name. Children were given an amulet with magic herbs at birth to protect them. It would […]


Watkins&Rabe Live Light Painting Alberobello

2015 is the International Year of Light and I am delighted to be painting July 18, 19, 20  at the Alberobello Light Festival amongst the UNESCO protected Trulli with my good friend Benjamin Rabe. The Festival starts July 4th and pays homage to the painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. The painting will be beamed out over the historic […]