Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation, or scribe videos, are an innovative and engaging way to tell a story, explain a concept or just entertain.
Video today is a brand’s best friend. Video drives interest, engagement action and retention. 75% of marketers agree (Vidyard) that video is key to driving conversions.
Whiteboards deliver a video format that leads the way in creating consumer engagement and retention of information.

Since time immemorial drawing has created an intuitive bond with the viewer. Watching someone draw creates a sense of anticipation, participation and completion.
Drawing along with voice and sounds create the enjoyable multi-sensory experience that is the success of whiteboard videos

Please enjoy this selection of clips and videos whiteboard video animations created entirely by WatkinMedia.
If you would like a whiteboard for your company or organisation, please give me shout.

Uncovering leadership Blind Spots
A WatkinsMedia whiteboard created for Dale Carnegie Training. “Dale Carnegie’s global research found that many leaders lack the critical skills needed to motivate and retain their teams”. -Dale Carnegie Training. See http://www.dalecarnegie.com for more information regarding leadership blind spots.

Right Brain, Left Brain
This is a short whiteboard about the lateralization of brain function from Matthew Watkins talk about Design Thinking.

The importance of visual content
We are visual creatures, we process images much faster than text. Failure to to understand this creates many headaches for business.
Contact WatkinsMedia for help on energising your visual content strategy.

A Moto Guzzi Story
A short WatkinsMedia whiteboard story about how a brand we love got it’s logo.

Summer in the City
A scribe video clip of the epic 1966 hit song “Summer in the City” By Lovin’ Spoonful. Written by John Sebastian, Mark Sebastian and Steve Boone.
Just because.

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