Live fingerpainting at Garbole

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This weekend Garbole Wines invited me to live fingerpaint during the presentation of their new ultra-boutique wine Hurlo.
The wine is so exclusive that only 1000 numberered bottles will be released.

The presentation lasted about three and half hours and featured film, poetry, readings and dance. They never mentioned their product and they never tried to sell anything. It was a pure expression of Italian passion and I was honoured to be part of it.

I painted in an old version of Brushes, Tagtool and improvised to a tango with UZU app.

live fingerpainting at Garbole

live fingerpainting at Garbole

To help support this culture Garbole has created the Manifesto Rossofilo

Here are some roughly translated quotes from the manifesto that caught my attention.

“We support the right of everyone to be the owner and responsible for his own reputation and his own opinion without being forced to delegate it to an information driven system.

“The taste of a wine is an expression of consciousness, which contact with reality without mediation; is made ​​aware of the exact moment in which they occur; is aware of his own way of perceiving and interpreting them”.

“We support everyone’s right to choose and evaluate independently without intermediaries and interpreters who can influence”.

“Wine is pleasantly private”.

“We support the right of individuals to free themselves from preconceived judgments and pre escaping the conditioning information “wizard” that, in turn, doe to impose models and diagrams as a function of specific and particular interests”.

“The interpretation of the wine can only be lived in the present and contemporary tasting; should be done immediately and not according to standardized criteria and acquired; must be understood not as an absolute objective fact as an essential human experience of the subject that generates it; must be understood as a flow of information and emotions whose quality and quantity are related to human climate instituted”.

“We support the right of the wine to speak directly to the person without such person is misled by how much is already known, the obvious knowledge of the implicit, by the demands of logic linguistic and cultural stereotypes or poverty of language. Good wine is first of all emotion and relationship”.

“We support the right of everyone to approach wine with love and respect, if anything, reserving doubt or mistrust of the premises and concepts with which it has tried, so far, to understand it in advance, based on information built, selected and transmitted by the information driven system”.

“We support the right of everyone to form his own opinion on the wine unique and individual experiencing it in person, on the basis of actual and necessary information about places, people and processes from which it is derived”.

“The best way to appreciate a wine is meet directly with people and the environment that generated it”.

“We support the Rossofilo that can become a river”.

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