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Happy to have created my first LUMINARIA.
In this work I merged my love for our planet and my love for Puglia, the region where I live. Puglia is an example of how man and nature can live in harmony when they want to. This is a critical moment in our collective history, yet we are surrounded by inspiration and hope.

It’s a 3.8 meter (12.5 feet) sculpture of our beautiful planet and the center piece of the event “Luci su Vieste“, an outdoor exhibition featuring 100 luminarie of the world interpreted by 10 talented Apulian artists and superbly organized by Elio Colasanto, with the support of Rossella Falcone, vicemayor, of the city of Vieste.

Luminarie are light sculptures closely linked to the folk traditions of Puglia and Southern Italy. I have been entranced by luminarie since I first saw one decades ago. Mine is inspired by the curves and patterns of the traditional luminarie, while also being true to my own illustrative style. If you would like to purchase a luminaria please feel free to contact me.

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