Live iPad Fingerpainting For Simonetta @ Pitti Bimbo

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From a take on the black and white films of the early 1900’s to the digital age, it is a surprising mix of tradition and innovation: engaging and emotion-filled. An elegant contrast depicting the eternal struggle between experience and experimentation; this is the Simonetta fashion show.

Irony lives in the similarities and plays on meaning. Sensitive, Simonetta pushes past the limits and yet again rises above the subtle distinction between fashion and art. This time, the most contemporary luxury childrenswear meets Pitti Bimbo, inspired by the iArt of Matthew Watkins, pioneer of fingerpainting, in a mobile version on iPad.

The live performance and true sensory experience make this runway even more special and impressive. The music reinforces the video projected on the background which shows what new surprise is taking shape on Mr. Watkins tablet in real time, accompanying the children step by step along the runway.

The screen displays graphic lines and elements inspired by the collection. Bold colour combinations and details define limitless space; it is like a child’s game, without rules. The runway exhibits proposals for Spring/Summer 2012 dedicated to the child’s world; it is the fruit of unparallel creativity and unique wisdom, able to reinvent itself over and over.

Just as the Simonetta Collection breaks with tradition without negating it, so too, Watkins welcomes innovation that allows him to return to self expression without constraints. For this reason, he has revolutionized the concept of “getting your hands dirty”, providing the same freedom with an immediate, simple and hi-tech tool which makes it easy to finger paint.

For Watkins, every action is legitimate. He often prefers to go back and delete every trace and start from scratch. So, the final outcome is surprising: like the magic of the Simonetta Collection.


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