Marvelous Max’s Amazing Circus

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An Ipad finger painting

On the edge of the desert, the dawn rolled in on the little Circus. Crisp and cold. Max rolled himself a cigarette and pondered his tiny troupe. The strong man, Bernard the Beast, was not so big and not so strong. “I’m to old for this” he grumbled, nursing his back. Mara, the bearded lady, though she moved with beauty and grace, was clearly a man. The Fearless Freemonts, identical twins, were more and more afraid and argued incessantly. Todd the torch had given up smoking and was unapproachable as of late. Willy the Wolfman was in love with two woman and howled late into the night. There on the edge of the desert Marvellous Max rolled himself another cigarette. And pondered.

text and image by Matthew Watkins.

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