Trailer Park Princess

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My collaboration in Leeds inspired my reworking of Han Christian Anderson’s The Princess and the pea. Please take a minute to watch the video and enjoy the original music of my talented Friend Gavin Hammond and

Once upon a time there was a sort of prince who wanted to marry a sort of princess.
But she would have to be a real princess. Sort of.
He travelled all over the county in his pick-up truck to find one.
No dice.

There were princesses enough around, but it was difficult to figure out if they were real or not.
There was always something about them that was not quite right. So he came back to his trailer and set in drinking. For he really wanted a princess.
That night a terrible binge came on, friends dropped by. Music got loud. The sort of prince passed out.

Next morning his head was pounding. The dog was barking. He got up off the floor, scattering bottles and stumbled down the steps.

Outside there was a stack of mattresses where his pick-up had been. “what the…” exclaimed the prince.

“oh…. my head…” said a voice high up. “and i have a terrible bruise from sleeping on an empty gin bottle. Can you get me down from here?”.

So he did. And they went to rehab. Then they left the trailer park.

There, that is a true story. Sort of.

Written by Matthew Watkins with some help from Hans Christian Anderson.

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